X-CHIP Technologies, Inc. is a research-based company that provides design, development, and distribution of novel crystallization/data collection devices and technologies for high- throughput crystallography, meeting the demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, significantly shortening the turn around cycle of the structure-based drug discovery process.

*X-CHIP: X-Ray Crystallography High-Throughput Integrated Platform


The crystallization drop position on X-CHIP surface (blue color represents a protein solution covered by oil layer)

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  • The X-CHIP was designed and developed as an alternative to the conventional stages of
    the existing crystallization to data collection process

X-CHIP Technology Advantages

  • Eliminates the necessity for manual crystal handling (i.e. on-the-chip data collection approach)
  • Eliminates the necessity for cryo condition search and need for low temperature during data acquisition
  • Significantly reduces crystal mosaic spread and provides crystal structure in its most natural state
  • Diffraction data collected using X-CHIP technology yield comparable or lower Rwork and Rfree values
  • Allows data collection from multiple crystals in the same drop
  • Significantly reduces turn around cycle for high- throughput large volume crystallization, visual inspection, and data collection projects (e.g. fragment-based screening, ligand complexes etc.)